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Cheryl Peng is a New York-based brand, digital and environmental graphic designer originally from China, a graduate with honors from Maryland Institute College of Art(MICA). Her practice is based upon creating a meaningful design thinking built on storytelling and problem-solving within the fields of future speculation, art, culture and commerce. 

She has been working in graphic design since 2014, and interned at 2x4 Beijing to help the team to brainstorm strategies for art exhibitions and build up a unique brand for the clients in 2018. Currently, she is working at GHD Partners to design environmental graphics for Google. Though most of her works are commercial-based, she is also working on several self-initiated projects. 

She believes in a life where the design work is not just a dialogue between reality and fantasy, the designer plays a significant role in communication, to inspire and to change. And she also believes that all forms of creativity are related. Designers have the privilege to explore the rang of possibilities and push boundaries everywhere to figure out the limits of what works. Finally, She would love to make great things with great people.

Email: cheryl_peng